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The RÖDER H-LINE marquee warehouse system – variable and durable

Perfectly meets the space requirements for service and industry: the H-LINE hall system is a storage and logistics solution that provides flexible space that can be adapted to suit any intended use. H-LINE hall systems are ideal for permanent use, but are quick and easy to set up – for installation they just need simple ground or screw anchors, wedge anchors, and spot or strip footings.

Below you will find a list of key information and dimensions for the standard H-LINE hall system. If you require more detailed information, please refer to the technical data sheet.

Want to learn more about the H-LINE hall system? Then do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to hear your concerns, answer your questions and help you to plan your hall!

The RÖDER H-Line Lightweight Halls are available in many different sizes


Span width10 m15 m
Side height420 / 520 / 620 cm420 / 520 / 620 cm
Ridge height594 / 694 / 794 cm674 / 774 / 874 cm
Max. perm. wind speed according to EN100 Km/h
Snow load1,31 kN / m²
For more data:  Datasheet: Lightweight H-Li 10 - 15 M (PDF)


Span width20 m25 m
Side height420 / 520 / 620 cm420 / 520 / 620 cm
Ridge height756 / 856 / 956 cm838 / 938 / 1.038 cm
Max. perm. wind speed according to EN100 Km/h
Snow load1,31 kN / m²
For more data: Datasheet: Lightweight H-Line 20 - 25 M (PDF)


Span width30 m40 m
Side height420 / 520 / 620 cm420 / 520 / 620 cm
Ridge height919 / 1.019 / 1.119 cm1.070 / 1.170 / 1.270 cm
Max. perm.  wind speed according to EN100 Km/h
Snow load1,31 kN / m²
For more data: Datasheet 
Lightweight H-Line 30 - 40 M (PDF)

Scope of delivery, construction and material

The mobile light-weight warehouses of the RÖDER H-LINE series can be installed quickly and easily on almost any surface thanks to stable and solid connecting elements. The well-thought-out interplay of all beams and connecting elements guarantees a statically tested high stability and ensures that the lightweight construction can be easily installed and dismantled several times.

Standard delivery


  • Scaffolding construction made of high-strength aluminum profiles
  • White thermal roof plans
  • Pressure unit
  • Trapezoidal sheet or sandwich panels (40 mm) as wall cladding



  • High-strength aluminum profiles with 4-groove tongue system
  • Steel profiles hot dip galvanized, connecting parts made of hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Static (EN 13782) for permanent or temporary installation
  • PVDF coated tarpaulin according to DIN 18204
  • Fire resistant, flame retardant according to DIN 4102 and EN 13501
  • Weatherproof and winter-proof, dirt repellent and light

Warehouse Expansion Options

The standard scope of delivery for the lightweight construction warehouses of the RÖDER H-Line can be supplemented with various expansion and equipment components. By combining with other RÖDER marquee and warehouse systems, as well as the various and variable expansion systems, the H-Line series lightweight construction warehouses can be expanded into complex storage or manufacturing facilities for industry, logistics, retail or work and residential areas.

RÖDER offers a wide range of exclusive and exclusive equipment for its marquee and storage systems

  • Lighting and lighting systems
  • Heating and climate systems
  • Ground systems
  • Various door and gate systems
  • Stairs, balconies, galleries & railings
  • Kitchen & sanitary installations
  • Security systems
  • Fcade systems
  • Rain gutter system
  • Cultivation of truck loading lamps

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly advise you on the possibilities of expansion of the lightweight construction hall H-Line series.

Versatile Applications

Thanks to the modular principle, the RÖDER storage warehouse systems can be individually adapted to the respective spatial requirements and your personal design requirements.

  • Logistics solution
  • Salesroom
  • Workshop
  • Stock solution production
  • Depot
  • Covered market
  • Canopy
  • Office solution
  • Studio
  • Construction sites
  • Plant construction
  • Climates
  • Cold storage
  • Carrier
  • Garage
  • Over production
  • Outsourcing
  • Distribution Industrial Hall
  • Production hall

Guaranteed RÖDER: Quality and service

RÖDER is committed to the highest quality and first-class service in the design and production of the tent and storage hall systems. The satisfaction of our customers is always the benchmark for our actions and actions.

Benefit from our decades of experience and the advisory competence of our qualified employees.


If your lightweight construction warehouse has been damaged, it is important to correct the damage as soon as possible. Only a completely intact lightweight building is stable and stable.

RÖDER provides spare parts for its products for ten years from the date of purchase. We have around 55,000 spare parts in stock. From the roof tarpaulins to scaffolding components, you can request all spare parts from us.

In the case of repair questions, we will be happy to advise you and will provide you with the necessary spare parts as soon as possible.

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