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The RÖDER S-LINE Marquee Warehouse system – cost-effective and flexible

Whether temporary storage or a permanent logistics centre, the S-LINE hall system from RÖDER boasts impressively cost-effective procurement and operating costs and a great degree of flexibility. The sophisticated construction allows for especially fast assembly at virtually any location; the comprehensive range of accessories includes air-conditioning and lighting systems, individual facade elements and specially selected personnel and vehicle door systems.

Below you will find a list of key information and dimensions for the standard S-LINE hall system. If you require more detailed information, please refer to the technical data sheet.

We will be glad to personally answer any questions that you might have about the S-LINE hall system; of course we will be happy to help you plan your new hall as well. Get in touch with us!

Warehouse, rent or lease?

We would be glad to answer your questions about the purchase or rent of our warehouse systems personally and support you in the planning or construction of your new Zelthalle. We would be pleased to advise you personally and answer your questions.

For more information on buying, renting, or financing opportunities, please visit the Buying, Renting, Leasing.

The Röder Warehouse S-Line series is available in 3 different sizes


Spanwidth5 m7,5 m10 m
Side height350 / 440 / 500 cm350 / 440 / 500 cm350 / 440 / 500 cm
Ridge height417 / 507 / 576 cm450 / 540 / 610 cm484 / 574 / 643 cm
Max. perm. wind speed according to EN100 Km/h
Snow load1,31 kN / m²
For more data: Datasheet:
Warehouse S-Line 5 - 10 m (PDF)


Span width12,5 m15 m
Side height350 / 440 / 500 cm350 / 440 / 500 cm
Ridge height518 / 608 / 677 cm551 / 641 / 720 cm
Max. perm. wind speed according to EN110 Km/h
Snow load1,31 kN / m²
For more data: Datasheet: Warehouse S-Line 12.5 - 15 m (PDF)


Span width17,5 m20 m
Side height350 / 440 / 500 cm350 / 440 / 500 cm
Ridge height585 / 686 / 746 cm618 / 720 / 780 cm
Max. perm. wind speed according to EN110 Km/h
Snow load1,31 kN / m²
for more data: Datasheet: Warehouse S-Line 17.5 - 20 m (PDF)

Scope of delivery, construction and material

The mobile storage warehouses of the RÖDER S-LINE series can be installed quickly and easily on almost any surface thanks to solid and solid connecting elements. The well-thought-out interplay of all scaffolding and connecting elements guarantees a high level of stability and ensures that the warehouse can be easily installed and removed several times.

Standard delivery 

  • Scaffolding construction made of high-strength aluminum profiles
  • White roof and wall plans
  • Sliding gate in gable
  • Ground nails for floor mounting
  • Pole and tarpaulins


  • High-strength aluminum profiles with 4-groove tongue system
  • Tray purlins and cloth holders made of steel profiles hot dip galvanized
  • Connecting parts made of hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Statics calculated according to EN 13782 or permanent construction

Expansion Options

The standard scope of delivery of the RÖDER S-Line storage warehouses can be supplemented with various expansion and equipment components. Thanks to the combination with other RÖDER marquee and warehouse systems as well as the various and variable expansion systems, the S-Line series can be comprehensively supplemented.

RÖDER offers a wide range of exclusive expansion and equipment options for its warehouses.

  • Various door and gate systems
  • Different gate variants
  • Rain gutter system
  • Lighting systems
  • Fixed façade with trapezoidal sheets
  • Interior plans to protect against condensation

Please contact us, we will gladly advise you about the expansion possibilities of the S-Line series.

Versatile Applications

The RÖDER warehouse systems can be individually adapted to the respective spatial requirements and your personal requirements thanks to the modular principle.

  • Industry tent
  • Workshop Tent
  • Production tent
  • Outer Bearing
  • Glazed canopy
  • Roofing for construction sites
  • Stock farming
  • Willow tent
  • Pasture shelter
  • Barn
  • Garage for vehicles
  • Under cover for machines

Guaranteed RÖDER: Quality and service

RÖDER is committed to the highest quality and first-class service in the design and production of the warehouse systems. The satisfaction of our customers is always the benchmark for our actions and actions. Benefit from our decades of experience and the advisory competence of our qualified employees.


If your warehouse has been damaged, it is important to repair the damage as soon as possible. Only a fully intact warehouse is stable and stable.

RÖDER provides spare parts for its products for ten years from the date of purchase. We have around 55,000 spare parts in stock. From the roof tarpaulins to scaffolding components, you can request all spare parts from us.

In the case of repair questions, we will be happy to advise you and will provide you with the necessary spare parts as soon as possible, Contact.

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