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History – a global player’s story


In 1959, RÖDER was founded as a hire company for wooden tents in Wolferborn (known as Büdingen today) in Hesse. In 1965, the company expanded to include the rental of steel tents. A decade later, the first in-house product was developed: in 1975, RÖDER launched a large cantilevered aluminium tent on the market. As early as a year later, the company founded its first subsidiary outside of Germany: RÖDER France SARL in Beauvais, France, became the foundation stone for the extensive expansion that has continued to this day.

In 1992, the RÖDER Group went public, and one year later German steel trader Klöckner&Co secured the majority shareholding. In 1998 the majority shares went to frame construction company Plettac AG, from which RÖDER purchased the ‘Textile Construction’ product range one year later. In 2002, the RÖDER Group separated from the troubled Plettac AG in a management buy-out. In the years that followed, the value of RÖDER shares shot up and became the strongest-performing shares on the German stock market. In 2007, the RÖDER Group forged a partnership with Swiss Zurmont Madison Management AG as a new majority shareholder. Thanks to this cooperation, RÖDER joined the Europe’s 500 listing, a league of 500 of Europe’s strongest growing companies.

The year 2014 marked a turning point in RÖDER’s story: in November the Group joined the German RAG Foundation holding company, which acted as an advising partner and promoted the further growth of the RÖDER Group.

The company’s strength lies in the originality and versatility of the modular and flexible tent and hall systems. With span widths from three to 60 metres, a range of lengths and heights, models with up to three floors and countless annexes and extensions, the RÖDER Group has the perfect space solution for every requirement – all over the globe.

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